The Belle Single-Phase Motor™

Our exclusive Written-Pole™ motors utilize your single-phase supply to deliver the reliable power you need in the most efficient way possible. This eliminates the constant maintenance on high-cost combustion engines and get the power-company friendly electric drive you need for your equipment.

Contact us to find out how we work with co-ops and utilities to get a motor approved for your location.


This new technology does not require a phase converter. It’s a robust motor that delivers a consistent, reliable solution, and eliminates issues caused by phase converters and VFDs.

The 1-to-3 Power Source™ with Velvet Start™

When you absolutely need 3-Phase Power. Replace your diesel generator with an elegant, reliable, yet efficient solution.

Our patented 1-to-3™ Power Source equipment package is comprised of a single-phase 100 HP Written-Pole™ motor coupled to a three-phase Mecc Alte® generator along with a 600 lb. fly wheel.

This equipment is designed to start and run on existing single-phase power. It provides 3-phase output to operate smaller 3-phase motors up to the 1-to-3’s maximum rated horsepower.

The 1-to-3 reduces down-time and gives you peace of mind. You can run applications like submersible pumps without the constant maintenance of diesels or the headaches of phase converters. Click here for more information.

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